As the new year is approaching, many of us have a list of resolutions we plan to start at the 1st of the year. Plan and start now! Do something as simple as starting a daily routine and be consistent. Get in the habit of creating balance and holding yourself accountable for getting something done….

Defensive or Dismissive?

At some point we’ve all been there. Learn to defend your side, but also with hopes of reasoning and understanding. The point of a disagreement is never to win. Hear out the other person and put yourself in their shoes. Don’t dismiss their point even if it’s wrong to prove yours. Always look for ways…


People can say things about me all day long that I know aren’t true and it never bothers me. It’s when I’m already doubtful or lacking confidence about something that the words tend to affect me more. Words can hurt but don’t let it change your mindset. They aren’t facts, they are merely opinions of…

Dreams & Reality

It can be hard to have a positive outlook when things aren’t going well. I struggle daily with not allowing my reality to overshadow my dreams. My present state always overpowers my future and although I know it’s only temporary, it makes it difficult to focus on anything else. Lately, to take my mind off…

Be More Than Present

I can’t stress enough the importance of being there and helping those around you. Look for the signs. Just because they don’t say it or complain about it doesn’t mean they aren’t going through. Pay attention. If you aren’t helping you’re hindering.


I literally have to remind myself of this every time I feel like I’m losing sight of my goals or I’m lacking motivation. Delay is not defeat. You haven’t lost, so keep chasing after your dreams until the finish line becomes your reality.


Sometimes we are so doubtful in ourselves that we don’t need others to do it. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect others to see you any different. Remove negative thinking and self doubt. I can honestly say I am probably my biggest critic. The things I hate most or focus the most…