About Me

Jusbnicole is my name as well as the name of the blog. the “b” is for Brandy, my first name. Nicole is my middle name. I have always loved writing and was introduced to it by my grandmother. She had so many journals, notepads, and notebooks filled with her writing. I was always intrigued (really just nosy) so she taught me about writing at an early age. I would keep a little diary and mostly write about what happened that day or who made me mad. It then turned into poetry, then short stories. When my grandmother passed away writing was my one outlet that helped me with grieving. I never shared my writing with anyone until I decided to start a blog. I liked the idea of interacting with other people who have similar ideas or experiences. Its both encouraging and therapeutic to receive feedback from people who have common interests. Writing is something that will always be embedded in me. In every experience, I find something worth writing about and I encourage others to do the same.