Rayne’s Secret: Part 4

At this point I was beginning to feel ill. I sat there puzzled as my mom cried uncontrollably. I looked up to the ceiling as if God could give me answers and got nothing but dizziness instead. I was lightheaded and it had just occurred to me at that point that none of us had eaten. I knew not to ask my mom about coming in the dining room for dinner so I turned to her and hugged her tight. She trembled and sobbed on my shoulder for a while. Once I felt she was calm or at least stopped trembling I slowly got up and pulled the covers over her body. Before I left the room I turned off the light.

“I’m going to bring you a plate, but stay in here okay?”

“Baby I’m not hungry, I’ve been eating all day, so I’ve had enough to last me awhile. Go talk to your brother and sister. Please just let me rest. Don’t let anyone come in this room. I don’t need anymore company or surprises.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I quietly walked out of the room and gently closed the door. As broken as I felt, I had to find a way to put all the pieces back together and go out there and entertain my family. As I walked back towards the dining room. I saw Rayne hiding in the kitchen. I walked over to her and she nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw me standing behind her.

“Oh God Storm you scared me!”

“Rayne why are you hiding in here and Carl is out there by himself? Did he tell you why he is here? Did he tell you about mom?”

“He told me everything and he told me our dad is looking for mom.” Apparently she still owes him money.”

“That’s impossible, mom said he took Carl as her repayment and was coming back for you later. How do you know this? Have you seen your dad? Tell me EVERYTHING you know Rayne. I can’t take anymore of your secrets!”

“Mom has still been in contact with my dad. She knows she still owes him but she doesn’t know that he is coming. We came to warn her. In hopes that she will leave or pay him so nothing bad happens.”

“Pay him? She doesn’t owe him anything! Rayne this is ridiculous. Mom only said he was coming back for you not mom.”

“I’ve seen him Storm. Why else would I be here if he has already contacted me? What use would he have for me as an adult? He told her that years ago when we were much younger. He had intentions of coming back but never did. He wants more than that now. I came to retrieve whatever is owed to him. Carl came as back up because I knew you wouldn’t believe me. I know I’ve done wrong by you in the past but believe me Storm this is for mom. I would kill myself if anything happened to her.”

I looked at Rayne and emotions came all over me. Part of me wanted to believe she was lying but a bigger part of me felt like it was the truth. The thought of something bad happening to my mother scared me. We had already been through so much and just when things were getting better Rayne shows up and makes it worse. I paced back and forth in the kitchen for a moment until I was able to face Rayne and talk to her.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my mothers voice in the dining room. Last I checked she was laying down. Rayne and I ran into the dining room to find her laughing and talking with the family.

“Rayne and Storm come on over here so we can eat and cut the cake.”

I walked over to grab the knife when she stopped me.

“No Storm, your sister is home. Let her do the honors. We have a lot to celebrate and will have even more to celebrate later on.”

I walked away and saw how shocked Rayne was. She was on the verge of breaking down but held it in well. I noticed she had started trembling again and this time she looked different. I thought earlier it was because she was fearful of the secret but it all added up now. She was small and frail looking. She had been using drugs.

“No matter what happens today or the next, I will always love you Rayne. No one knows you better than your mom.”

I watched as she cut the cake in small pieces and I tried to shake things off a bit and act normal. My family obviously had no idea what was going on and seemed happy to have everyone there. My mom was grinning and was trying not to make eye contact with me. We began telling old family stories while Rayne continued cutting the cake. Suddenly I looked around and noticed someone was missing.

“Rayne where is Carl?”

Stay tuned for Part 5 for the ending 😳


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