Giving is something I grew up learning to do. I was taught at a young age to never expect anything in return or to do it for some form of acceptance. As I got older I made the mistake of assuming others would give to me as I gave to them. This left me with I’ll feelings and disappointment. Don’t make the same mistakes. Give wholeheartedly because you’re able to and it’s the right thing to do. Nothing more, nothing less.


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  1. Amen to that. It is still disappointing from a heart point of view. From a head point of view its a logical thing

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    1. jusbnicole says:

      That’s true. I constantly have to remind myself of why I was giving in the first place when certain people are ungrateful or wouldn’t reciprocate the same gesture when the shoe is on the other foot.

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      1. I think unlike the other species on our planet humans unfortunately learn selfishness. Animals learn survival but they still practice compassion with survival

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      2. jusbnicole says:

        Agreed. My mother told me at young age never to give anything you’re going to need back. I think about that a lot now.

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