Rayne’s Secret: Part 3

“No, this can’t be happening! This isn’t real. Who else is here?”

I had never seen my mom look so scared in her life. She had the same look that Rayne had whenever someone was after her to repay her gambling debt. I watched as she began trembling and then took a step back before almost falling on the ground. This all looked too familiar.

“Mom, are you okay?”

We all rushed over to see how she was doing. I kneeled down beside her and used my hand to check her temperature. She seemed fine.

“I’m just not feeling well. I need to lay down for a minute.”

“What have I done? I should’ve never brought you here!” screamed Rayne.

“I will get her to her room please just keep everyone calm and just tell them Carl is an old friend for now.”

I slowly walked my mom back to her room down the hall. I made sure we passed by the guests as they were focused on Carl and Rayne’s conversation. This way no one would notice what was really going on and get her overwhelmed with everyone’s concern. We get to the room and I ask her if she needs anything. She instructs me to get her something cool for her fever so I get her ice pack from the freezer. When I return she is laid out across the bed with her eyes closed as if she were sleeping. So I creep slowly towards the bed.

“Mom here is your ice pack.”

“Thank you baby, I really appreciate it. I’m really not feeling well and I think I just need some rest”.

“Mom, I know your lying.”

“What are you talking about? You saw me almost fall and what kind of thing is that to say to your mother? You’re calling me a liar now? You know I’ve been ill and I’ve be-“

“Mom, just stop it. I’ve been around you long enough to know when you’re really ill and when you just want pity. You act exactly like Rayne when you don’t want to face your problems. I’m not continuing to do this. I want answers now!”

“What do you want me to say Storm? It’s already been said. You have a brother.”

“That’s it? You have no explanation for that. You had me thinking he was just a childhood friend. He lived next door to us! The only other child I recalled you having was a stillborn. He is only a year younger than me, why didn’t I know about this”

I’m practically in tears at this point. I can’t believe she has been lying all this time. I’m staring at my mother and she won’t even turn to look at me. I can see reflection through the window and I can tell she is crying and hiding something.

“Storm, there is so much you just don’t understand. I ultimately did what was best for the family. No one knows about this and I vowed to never tell anyone. Carl is the stillborn. I lied and told everyone he was a stillborn because I had to give him away at birth.”

“What do you mean you had to give him away? You made that choice! On top of it all he stayed next door to us all his life. You had us all believing his mother passed away at birth.”

“I know, Storm. It was to protect you and later on Rayne. I had a past. Before I got pregnant with you I had a gambling problem as well.”

“One that was worse than Rayne’s. Carl’s dad helped me get out of that debt but for what I later on discovered was for a price. What I thought was a relationship with him, later on became an induction to some form of an escort service.”

“I had a regular job during the day and worked to pay off my debt to him at night. After I got pregnant with Carl I was fed up and wanted out. The only way out was to give up Carl and I did it to save you. To taunt me he moved in next door and stayed there for years”.

“I tried many times to get Carl back and he fought me for it, no one believed me and just saw me as unfit. One day he moved out with Carl and told me he would come back for Rayne and reparations. I spent years stressing over where he would go or what he would do to Carl. I can only imagine what he has been through.”

I sat quiet for a while unable to put all the pieces together. What I heard shocked me and disappointed me at the same time. To know that my mom had gone down such paths was unsettling, to know she would give up her own child’s life to set hers free was infuriating. To now have him back and Rayne made me fearful. I sat staring at the floor until I finally spoke up.

“So why is he here then and where is Mr. Jacobs?”

“Storm I don’t know and that’s what scares me. I spent years getting over all the things that man did to me. Carl being here can’t be a good thing and I know Rayne knows something”.

“What does Mr. Jacobs want with Rayne?.

My mom finally rolled over and looked at me. I could tell I wouldn’t like what she had to tell me, but I looked at her anyway with anticipation.

“He’s her dad.”

Stay tuned for Part 4 😳


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