Rayne’s Secret: Part Two

We each headed downstairs one by one and let Rayne go last for the big surprise. I was over it but I needed to know what secret she was holding on to.

“Everyone I have a big surprise for you” my mom said with excitement.

Just then Rayne walks down and the room is filled with gasps, cheering and family rushing to see her. I stood off to the side and waited for everyone to settle down.

“Alright, anyone ready to eat”, I asked with a fake smile.

I was over this little reunion and I wanted to get this over with. Rayne looked happy but frantic. What could have her so shooken up? Even when she received death threats from gambling she never appeared fearful. As she sat across the table from me I continued to monitor her demeanor. I didn’t see any bruises and she looked healthy so I’m not sure of what else there could be.

“I’m so glad you all have accepted me with open arms. I know it can be hard to trust or even accept someone who has done so much wrong to come back into your life, but I promise I am well and I have changed my ways. It took me a while to get myself together but I’m good now. This is thanksgiving and I dare not come home empty handed. I have a surprise for all of you as well”, said Rayne.

I gave Rayne a weird stare. Now I was confused and nervous at the same time. I look at my mom who is just as confused but still excited. I didn’t want anything getting her too worked up with her health. Rayne leaves the room and goes out the back door. I immediately get up to follow her.

“Girl what tricks do you have up your sleeve?”, I asked.

I didn’t want to do this but I had no choice. I see a guy emerge from the shed and I’m still confused as to who he is. I stare harder and notice a familiar face. One I hadn’t seen since I was a child. Our next door neighbors moved abruptly and my childhood best friend lived with them. We were only a few years apart and my heart dropped when I saw him. Before I could say anything Rayne spoke up.

“Before you get too excited, Carl is here to confront Mom. I ran into him while away and he forced me to come back to share the news that he is actually our brother”, said Rayne.

At this point I’m at a lost for words and I’m honestly in disbelief. So many thoughts are running through my head and of this is true, this has to be the worst holiday surprise ever. I look back towards the house and then I look at Rayne.

“How do you know this is true? I’m not buying into any of this! He shows up after all these years and how did you just randomly run into him? Nah something isn’t right and I don’t know how much trouble you are in this time but I’m not helping you. Mom is not well and this could kill her. This reunion is over and the both of you can leave NOW”!

I was so upset, I began to feel my heart racing and my body slightly shaking. I didn’t know whether to cry or to kill Rayne. How could she do this? We’ve been through so much these past ten years and you would think she would comeback more sensible, apologetic, with some damn money to pay us back, but instead it’s her usual antics. This time with a “brother”. I took a deep breath and began pacing in the backyard. If we stayed out here too long my mom would come looking and would for sure see him. If what Rayne is saying is true then my mom knows he is her son and will be startled. I was about to have a panic attack untilhe spoke up.

“I know this is a lot, but it’s been a lot for me too. I had no way to contact any of you to reconnect. There is so much I have to tell you, all of you. Seeing Rayne was the best thing for me. I helped her out and in return she agreed to help me. I’m not leaving until we all talk, mom included”.

I jerked my head around and rolled my eyes. I couldn’t believe this and he had the nerve to refer to her as mom.

“So basically he paid off your debts and you agreed to throw us all under the bus with you? You really never change! He could be here to kill us. You don’t know his intentions! You only think about yourself and always have. Next time when you leave, don’t remember to come back. That memory or thought of revisiting serves no purpose other than your own. You cause more harm than good and we’re all better off without it”.

Rayne stood there puzzled with tears in her eyes and before she could respond my mom appeared at the door.

“What’s going on what’s taking you girls so-“.

She stopped mid sentence and her mouth dropped. Here my mom was starring across the yard at her son. The one that was forgotten, abandoned, and taken away at a young age. Tears began to fill her eyes and she still stood there speechless and helpless. All her dreams and worst nightmares were now starting back at her. For the first time in my life I saw my mom grow pale on the face.

“Hi mom”

Part 3 coming soon 😊


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