Eve’s Journey – Short Story

Please read my first short story and comment your thoughts below. I’m considering doing a second part to it but I want to get some feedback first. Thanks in advance!

As I walked up to the gate. I was very excited about the trip ahead. I was flying out to Bermuda to cover the the story about a rising cultural group that was believed to be the only group to survive the Bermuda Triangle. Well the leader was said to have survived and came back to start the group centered around his journey and new found beliefs. I only ever met him via Skype but I was intrigued to meet him and learn more. He introduced me to a gentleman named Santana that would be flying in with me. He seemed to be rather charming and well dressed, although my first encounter was via Skype.

I was excited to get to meet him on the flight. I had so many questions about this journey and what to expect. I got a chance to board a little earlier so I went ahead and stowed my items on the plane and took my seat. To my surprise I was seated way in the back despite availability for an upgrade. I was feeling a little anxious and nervous so I took a pill to calm my nerves. I text Santana to let him know I would come and speak once we got in the air.

Before I could wait for a response I was out cold in a deep sleep. I woke up to the smell of smoke or something burning and the flight attendant assured me it was the oven and made her way to the front of the plane. I quickly noticed sweat running down my face. It was so hot on the plane, but I noticed some people wrapped up in there coats and blankets. There was one guy sitting ahead of me who was obviously knocked out but left his music blasting. He was playing the song by One Republic. All I could hear was the same line replaying, “everybody knows, everybody knows where we’re going, yeah we’re going down. I thought to myself “well that’s perfect for this flight”. I tried to ring my call light, but they were all too busy talking up front to notice I was baking in the back.

“They aren’t going to hear you, they are in a totally different world up there”.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts I didn’t realize there was someone sitting in the aisle seat next to mine. I looked over and noticed the dark haired gentleman smiling. He seemed well dressed for a flight and despite the heat stroke I was close to having he had on black jeans and a black jacket. It reminded me of the kind the bikers wear but with a bit of a flare. He had on nice black boots and was well groomed. Not too much facial hair, but enough to give off a nice masculine look.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, it’s like I don’t even exist. Are you hot at all? I feel like I’m burning up”.

“No not really, you will get use to it after a while”. My name is Santana, you’re Eve right? You were sleep earlier when I got on and I didn’t want to wake you”, he replied.

“Oh I’m so sorry I missed you coming on the plane. I took some medicine and just passed out I guess. That probably wasn’t a good idea because now I’m drenched in sweat and hot”.

“That’s okay, I understand falling into deep sleep after taking medication. You’re probably experiencing some side effects”.

“You’re probably right. I have so many questions about this group. Tell me about your leader how did this start”?

I noticed at the moment he shifted in his seat and began to look sort of pale. I thought maybe he was sick so I tried ringing the call light only to notice it doesn’t work.

“They won’t hear you and I’m fine don’t worry about me. About the leader, well he is very brave and profound. He started as a regular citizen who sat on a high judicial board for Bermuda. Probably one of he best board members to date. Whenever he would bring up talk of the Bermuda Triangle, he was silenced. There were countless cases of people going and never being seen again. He was warned about going and even threatened to be kicked out if he went and returned. It’s believed that evil lies within the triangle and our leader was in disbelief. He wanted to know for sure that people weren’t there creating a better life. He went against all orders and warnings and wasn’t seen or heard of for a while. He returned speaking of a new life and new beliefs and as promised he was kicked out of the judicial board and stripped of all his titles and royalties. He decided to start a group from scratch and has been recruiting from all over. Are you okay?”

I must’ve been a little delirious or dehydrated so I searched my bag for something to drink. Once I noticed nothing was there. I rang the call light again and then decided to get up out of frustration.

“This is really starting to piss me off. Why are they not responding”. I tried to move but felt stagnant. I had no energy to actually get up. My body was weak and limp feeling.

“You’re probably dehydrated. Don’t try to move you may pass out, just take my water. I haven’t had any”.

I was too thirsty to turn down the offer so I thanked him and took it instead. It was just what I needed and I felt alive again. “You should probably have some too you don’t look so well”.

“No I’m fine, that was just for you Eve”.

Something about the way he said that made me feel uneasy about drinking from him after all. I felt good in the moment but still not good enough to get up and move. On top of that it was even hotter on the plane. I noticed no one had come back to use the restroom within the last hour or so and those flight attendants were still sitting upfront the whole time. The annoying music was stuck on repeat. Suddenly it got really turbulent so the seat belt sign came on. The captain then makes the announcement that we will be having a rough landing and everyone is to stay seated. I immediately fasten my seatbelt and notice we are beginning a rather rapid descent.

“I feel like it’s 2 degrees from hell on the plane”.

“Oh no hell is much hotter”.

I knew that was a joke but the way he said it made me nervous. Everything about his demeanor began to change.

“I want to show you something on my screen. Are you able to move over”

“No actually Im not, I still feel weak and plus we’re landing and the captain wants everyone to stay seated”.

“Oh really? Do you want more to drink?”

“No I’m fine thanks”.

As I say there I noticed it began to get smokey towards the back of the plan. I try to ring my call light again. I look over for Santana but he is gone. I then hear a voice, “I told you they are never going to hear you. They are in a different world and you’re in my world now”. At this point I’m panicking and doing anything to make it towards the front. I feel someone tap me in the window seat next to me and it was Santana.

“Where are you going? I thought you were coming with me?”

I suddenly felt him grab my hand and the plane filled with smoke. I remember screaming and then being shaken by two flight attendants.

“Ma’am are you okay, were flight attendants we can help you. Just calm down it was only a bad dream”.

“Where have you been the entire time, I’ve been calling for you. I have to get off this plane!”

“We just landed you have to wait until everyone is done deplaning. You were sleep the entire flight. You never rung the call light. Are you going to be okay should I call someone”.

I looked around in disbelief. If what they were saying was true then everything that happened was a bad dream and a combination of my nerves and the pill I took. Just in case I still asked her about Santana.

“There was a guy here he had on black boots and a black leather jacket. Is he still on board? Then there was smoke in the back of the cabin”.

“Ma’am I assure you there was no one on board with leather boots and a leather jacket. Everyone was dressed down because of the weather. There was no smoke. I think you had a bad dream. It’s all over now. We’re here and you can relax and enjoy yourself. Are you sure you don’t need to see someone for help? Are you meeting someone here”.

I immediately felt stupid for recounting events from a dream as if they were real. I was still a bit shaky and sweating so I calmed myself down enough for the flight attendants to trust me leaving the plane. I began to gather my things and drink some of the water one girl brought to me.

“I’m fine. I always get a little nervous about flying so I took some medicine and I think that got to me a little. I’m meeting my crew at the hotel and I will be fine. It was only Abad dream like you said and I shouldn’t have let it get to me that way”.

“Okay well we will walk off with you. Have a good trip and try to enjoy yourself”.

I smiled and thanked the ladies for there help. As I stepped off the plane everything looked and felt normal but I was still uneasy. I never had a dream like that and everything about it felt real. My phone went off and it was one of the guys from my crew texting that he was getting in earlier and wanted to meet at the hotel. I was relieved and quickly responded with time. I headed towards the hotel shuttle and couldn’t but think about the few days ahead.

“This is going to be one weird journey, Eve”.


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