Steps Towards Eliminating Fear

So I read this quote once that said something along the lines of “if you become fearless, your life become limitless”. It wasn’t until recently that I truly understood what that meant. My fears have always gotten in the way of my dreams. If it scared me it simply wasn’t attainable and wasn’t worth the effort. Imagine working hard towards something and failing miserably. That’s the scariest feeling to me in the world. Even though there was a chance that I could do well and excel, I allowed the fear of not having this great success get in the way.

I had to search for ways to replace the thoughts of fear so I came up with 5 possible solutions or steps towards eliminating fear:

Step One: Keep positive and motivating people around you

Your environment plays a major role in how far you will go to tackle your goals. If the people around you aren’t supportive or positive about your dreams then it’s easy for you to slip into that same mindset. You can always work towards keeping yourself leveled, but having a strong support system or even seeing those around you work relentlessly towards accomplishing their goals will make you want to go just as hard. Me and one of my friends hold each other accountable. If I tell her I have an idea in mind or a goal, we see to it that it’s accomplished and vice versa. Get some people around you with the same mindset and determination as you. You don’t want to be left behind still dreaming while they are making theirs a reality.

Step Two: Remove self doubt and negative thinking

This is probably the biggest impact fear can have on you, through your thinking. If you’re already doubting your goals and thinking negatively about your future you will never make it towards that next big step. Think positively. I’m the morning post some positive quotes on social media. Follow some positive groups. They almost always have Morning inspiration quotes that are sure to get you in the right mood. When you find yourself wanting to crack or plummet under pressure, pull out those quotes as a reminder. Write them down and repeat them in your head. The only way to overcame negative thinking is with more positive thoughts.

Step Three: Be Bold and Confident

A lot of times fear can come from a lack of confidence or just from not knowing what to expect. Build your confidence to reach your goals in life. This can be done by practice and research. If you’re looking to get into a particular field or master a certain craft, you have to learn as much as you can. You may not know everything but you will know enough to be confident in what you’re doing and boldly make wise decisions. Everything is a learning opportunity. If you fail at something at least you know what you did wrong to fix it and master it the next time! You will go into it with the boldness confidence you need to excel! Confidence starts within yourself. Build confidence within your character. Do this through your appearance, your conversation, your daily tasks. Just tell yourself you got this!

Step Four: Don’t worry about opinions of others

This has been the toughest step towards eliminating fear. If your always concerned with what others think, you will drown out your own thoughts and opinions. Your thoughts will soon become the thoughts of everyone else and they don’t all come from a good place. Criticism is acceptable but don’t let it destroy or be the end of what you’re working towards. You will never reach your goal constantly listening to the opinions of others. Accept criticism from those who mean you well. Find about 5-10 good people who will criticize but still encourage. Those same people will be there to support you along the way. Opinions aren’t facts and shouldn’t be treated as such. One person may think your idea sucks while one person may think it’s brilliant. Focus on the positive. Sometime the opinions of others can be a breeding ground for negative thinking. Focus on what you think and feel, then move forward.

Step Five: Love what you do!

Fall in love with yourself and your goals! Love conquers all! Love conquers fear, self doubt, negative thinking, and even cancels out the opinions of others. Surround yourself with love. You ever seen movies where people are scared out their minds to save or go after someone or something but do it and accomplish it? That’s love! Only the love you have for something can give you that extra edge. It’s not enough to simply like it or be fond of it. You have to have a real passion to eliminate the fear of going after it. Whatever your goals or dreams are do it with love and passion and don’t stop until you reached that goal.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. That was some pretty awesome advice. Thank you for sharing that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jusbnicole says:

      Awww thanks so much! I hope to encourage someone else the way I encourage myself!


  2. Wandra Cosby says:

    Very insightful. I’m very proud of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LaVita says:

    That was awesome Brandy….I really enjoyed this!!!


    1. jusbnicole says:

      Thank you so much!


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